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Our new designs
CHASHMAL Washing cup
Hamantasch Noise Maker
"Hand & Hand" Washing Cup
Light Delight Oil jag Menorah
sack charity box
Oil Jag Menorah
Sack Charity Box
Light Delight for Shabat
Yahrtzeit candle
Vine wine cup
Wedding ring wine cup
Yahrzeit Candle Cover
Vine Wine Goblet
Wedding Ring Wine Cup
Apples for Torah
Rimonim Talit clip
Miriam's cup
Apples for the Torah
Rimonim Talit Clip
Miriam's wine goblet
Ome counter Maim Akcronim with sprinkler
Rimonim Mezuzah
Maim Akhronim with sprinkler and astroturf
Omer Counter
Rimonim Mezuzah
Tallit candles
Armor Charity Bob pomegranet for havdalah spice box
Light blue Tallit Shabbat candles
Pomegranate fruit Havdalah spice box
Armor Charity Box
Figs candles holders Mizrakh peg in wall
Sabra Shabbat candles holder
Figs Shabbat Candles Holders
Sabra Shabbat Candles Holder
Mizrakh as a peg in the wall
Salt container
Salt container

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