Avi Biran

(Memorial candle cover)

"...Rent your clothes and wept before me."

(II Kings 22:19)

Yahrtzeit candle cover

Copyright 2008 by Avi Biran

It is a custom to rend one's clothes the moment one hears news of a passing. Orthodox men will cut the lapel of their suit on the left side, over the heart. Non-orthodox practice may be to cut a necktie. The mourners traditionally make a tear (in Hebrew: "keriah") in an outer garment either before the funeral or immediately after it. The tear should be on the left side for a parent (over the heart and clearly visible) and on the right side for brothers, sisters, children and spouses (and does not need to be visible). The concept of the tear is the main idea behind this design. The purpose of the design is to cover a Yahrtzeit candle (literally "Time of Year candle" in Yiddish). This annual rememberance custom that is deeply ingrained in Jewish life for honoring the memory and souls of the deceased, is to light a candle that lasts for 24 hours on the anniversary of the deceased relative's death according to the Hebrew calendar.

24K Gold plate, 4" x 4" x 5"



Yahrzeit candle cover.
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