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Designs for Synagogue Use

Click on the picture to enlarge it and to get the story behind the design, materials, dimensions and prices.

Rimonim for Torah
Apples for Torah NEW Talit clip with names
Apples for the Torah
Talit clip with names
Rimonim - Torah Finials
Yad for Torah
Torah crown Breast plate
Pomegranates Yad (Pointer for Torah)
Torah Crown
Breast Plate for the Torah
Jona breast plate
Ner Tamid synagogue Mezuzah
Ner Tamid - Perpetual Light
Trees of Eden Synagogue Mezuzah
Jona in the fish Breast Plate
Lion breast plate
Talit clip
The Tablets of Covenat Yad
The Tablets of Covenant Yad
The Meraglim (Spies) Talit Clip
Lions Breast Plate
Rimonim Talit clip NEW
Lion Yad
Rimonim Talit Clip
Lion Yad (Torah Pointer)

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