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(Tzedakah box)

"He puts on righteousness like a coat of armor..."

(Isaiah 59, 17)

Armor Tzedakah box
Armor charity box

Copyright 2011 by Avi Biran

One of G-d's wearing is charity (Tzedakah). He is wearing it like an armor. The designs is using a protective glove to show that Charity will save as from death, as written in Proverbs 10,2. The flexible glove can be placed as shown in the first picture and by filling it with money it will grow into an open hand, as we need to open our hand to our poor brother and not to shut it from him (Deuteronomy 15, 7-8). The font of the text has a connection to the fonts that was used at time of the knights that this glove was a part of their armor.

Sterling Silver, Stainless Steel, Semi precious stone

3" x 4" x 8"


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