(Charity Box - Alms Box)

"...There was each one's money in the mouth of his bag."

(Genesis 43:21)

Pocket money charity box

Copyright 2008 by Avi Biran

The charity box tells the story of Joseph and his brothers while getting to Egypt on the first time. Joseph, after planting money in his bother's sacks said that G-d must have put treasure in their sacks. The design follows the story and shows a sack tied with a rope around the mouth of it while the cover is used to put the money through. The sack is very light when empty to symbolize poverty. The top part of the sack looks like the star of David while looking from above, that shows the connection between being Jewish and the Mitzvah of giving charity. The verse is attached to the front of the sack.

24K Gold plate, Leather rope 4" x 4" x 5"


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