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CHAnukah SHabat MAnuoiL

"And I saw like the color of chashmal like the appearance of fire within it round about..." (Ezekiel 1, 27)


Copyright 2010 by Avi Biran

The design of this candles holders and oil containers, inspired by the the electric light bulb. Electricity in Hebrew is "Chashmal". This word was translated to Greek as "Electrum", a very bright color of melted gold mixed with silver. The color that Ezekiel was trying to describe the angles he saw. The design plays with the word CHSHMAL that is capturing the uses for the object. One side as Chanukah lamp, one side as Shabat candles holders and the light bulbs as places for oil use.

Shabat option
Oil option
Designed by Avi Biran
Manufactured by Osnat Raichman.


Each one 2" x 4" x 1 3/4"


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