Avi Biran


"Pomegranate tree has emanated its fragrance between the Dead Sea and Jericho...Come my love, the night is already here."
(Etz Harimon, Israeli song, Yaakov Orland & Yedidya Admon)


pomegranate fruit spice box

Copyright 2011 by Avi Biran

Following the designed decoration on the stone above the door of the ancient synagogue in the Galilee village of Pki'in. The design is also following the Israeli song that tell us that the smell is very small as the distance between the Dead Sea and Jericho. So is the smell that will come out from the herbs that will fill the pomegranate fruit.

Brass, Copper, 2.5" x 6.5 x 2.5". Can be colored


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