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Washing away impurity will make your day
washing cup Hand & Hand Natla Hand & hand

Copyright 2009 by Avi Biran

The design of this tap-water container, inspired by the "Half & Half" container, holds two equivalent portions of the ancient Hebrew amount of "Revi'it" (1/4) of a "Log". The quantity that is mentioned is the prescribed amount for washing the hands of impurity after sleeping or before eating. The shape and the Hebrew and English texts refer to the act of washing the hands. On each side of the cup a set of fingers are pressed into the shape to show where to hold with each hand. Text with humor and functional shape make this design fun to use.

Designed by Avi Biran
Manufactured by Osnat Raichman.

Porcelain, Prints in variant colors.

2 3/4 " x 2 3/4" x 5"


Left view Right view
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